Not many folk seem to know how crucial a good MC or Master of Ceremonies is to the smooth and seamless flow of your wedding day.

So often I have seen this role delegated to the dude or dudette that didn't quite make it to the bridal squad. You didn't quite make the cut bro, but instead you can just have the MOST IMPORTANT ROLE of the day, you can be MC... Sigh!

Let me walk you through some of the qualities and responsibilities that are usually attributed to the role of MC:

Time Management

A wedding is a series of carefully planned and orchestrated events that are coordinated to maximize the enjoyment of your special day. An MC must be aware of your time-frames and work hard to keep the proceedings on track. The MC might, for example, regularly help the guests to know where to be or what is coming next, so guests are at the right place at the right time and there are no delays. During family photo's they will take a pivotal role in corralling guests and ensuring that Uncle Joe doesn't head back to the bar before he's endured every family photo that the bride has requested him for - they'll get it all done, timely! You should feel completely relaxed knowing that your trusty MC is completely handling your timetable and letting you know where you need to be.

Candid Wedding guest photography


Your MC knows that in order to do a good job they have to keep alert and that 10 beezie's in the belly before breakfast will greatly hinder their ability to do so. They love you and are fiercely loyal to you and the important responsibility you have bestowed upon them on this day.

Tactful and Diplomatic

Although the MC is practically your wedding day demi-god, they don't let this get to their head. They know they are important, but they are approachable and personable, play it cool, know the answer to every wedding related question, always use their manners words, smile politely, and redirect. Everybody (from both sides of the family) like the MC and everybody wants to be them.

Foresight and problem solving

It's near impossible to plan for everything on a wedding day, and sometimes shit just happens. Your MC already knows your timeline, and is aware when the bride is later than what's on the run sheet, and that the sun is hot, and that thirsty guests have a plethora of cold hard liquor to get them through this arduous wait, AND that without MC intervention, inebriation is imminent! They engage MC superpowers, wave their boss badge and ask the bar staff to politely direct guests to the delicious selection of soft drinks, for the short term. Or maybe they wheel down the ice water trolley to the nana's near fainting or use the trolley to get some tiny finger foods into those faces. Sometimes they might even fashion a trolley themselves out of 2045 paper straws and woven flax, if they are super talented. Whatever misdemeanor materializes, MC magic will make emend.

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Sense of Humour

One might argue that this is not mandatory, but this is wrong, just untrue and Monique says you're dumb if you ignore this! If you want your guests to have a good time, then do your best to find someone who is entertaining and does not speak in monotones. Also while we're on this topic, MC's should avoid the kind of humor which is vulgar and lewd. A saucy joke is fine, but a crass one demotes you from demi-god status to dick, quick sticks.


Your MC actually wants to do this for you. They cannot do this job well under threat or gunpoint or knifepoint. They've probably been there from the beginning and wouldn't pass up this opportunity for the world. Awwwww.

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Consider yourself informed, I hope you are enlightened and convinced about the importance of picking the right MC for your day. It's no small feat. It is a big, important responsibility and can really take a good wedding to a great one. A good MC bears the brunt of the wedding day stress for the couple and wears this badge with pride. Choose your MC wisely and ensure that they are aware of your expectations.

If you are still wondering what to do with that friendy that didn't make the squad, you can suggest they put themselves forward for MC sidekick (cape and undies on the outside optional), as your MC will need all the help they can get!