Vanessa and Ben's love story began in the digital age, with a swipe and a click on the dating app Bumble. Instant chemistry sparked between them, but their relationship took its time to blossom as they navigated the challenges of long-distance love. Yet, as they say, all good things take time.

Ben had a fondness for VB's before he crossed paths with Vanessa. The fact that their initials mirrored the iconic Australian brew was a playful coincidence, a sign perhaps that fate had a hand in their love story. As the boys prepped for the big day, VBs flowed freely, a lighthearted nod to Ben's longstanding affection for the beverage!

Meanwhile, the girls indulged in classy champagne, setting the tone for an elegant affair.

Rouge Beauty gave Vanessa a stunning natural glow which perfectly coupled with her effortlessly chic Hayes gown and the white florals by Wild Flowers Coromandel. Vanessa's adorable niece arrived and added an extra touch of sweetness, chatting to Vanessa and taking her isle petal scattering role very seriously!

Vanessa's family contributed their personal touch with a handmade driftwood arbor on Matarangi beach, creating a simple yet romantic setting for the couple's heartfelt vows. Led by the lovely Celebrant Joanne, Vanessa and Ben exchanged promises they had penned themselves, followed by a very spirited confetti toss, and embraces from their nearest and dearest.

The bridal party added their own brand of humor and camaraderie, turning a simple beach walk into a super fun and super relaxed session. Vanessa and Ben's bridal portraits took an unexpected turn when a "generous" beach goer nudely photobombed our pic, creating a wedding tale for the ages.

Back at the reception, Peninsula Party Hire had helped to transform their bach's backyard into a cozy reception venue, with a marquee squeezed just right. Heartfelt speeches warmed the room, particularly a tribute to Ben's late father, who had given his blessing to their union a year prior. It was a poignant reminder of the preciousness of love and family.

As the night danced on, I captured a few fleeting moments on the dance floor before bidding farewell to the newlyweds, now Mr. and Mrs. Their journey together had only just begun, but one thing was certain—like a well-aged VB, their love would only grow richer and more full-bodied with time. And for Vanessa and Ben, slow and steady had indeed won the race.

Here's to a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless adventures. Aroha nui.